Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SimplePart wrap-up for April 2013

During April we peaked at 6,800,000 daily page requests – a more than 10% increase over March – and saw a total of 1,700,000 unique human visitors. These visitors placed 8,260 orders for a total of $994,000.

In April, customers who placed an item in their cart were 5% more likely to complete a purchase. Credit for this increase is due to our release of a new Checkout system. With this release we streamlined the checkout process, dramatically improved the look and feel, incorporated improved input validation, began showing full cart contents (rather than just order totals), prominently included trust-marks (reviews, security seals, testimonials and clear links to policies) and have migrated to a “responsive” design which is much more tablet/mobile friendly.

Furthermore, customers are 8% more likely to choose to pay by credit card – payments through PayPal and Google Checkout saw an equivalent drop. Sharing a credit card number with an online merchant is a sign of trust, and this shift in preference toward credit card payments is a clear sign from customers of increasing levels of trust. Credit Card payments are also easier and less expensive for our dealers to process, so this new Checkout process is a strong win on two fronts.

Be sure you take a minute to take a look at your new Checkout. Your customers like it, and we’re very proud of it too.

We have no outages to report this month.

New Features Just Released
  1. Added the ability for customers to “ask a question about a product” from your Product Details pages. These questions show in your Control Panel, and when you answer them you can choose to have both the question and the answer display for all users to see on the Product Details page. This is a great way to build in user communication and add SEO value.
  2. Within the Live Chat system, links can now be sent.
  3. Significant performance improvements were implemented for our P2 websites.
  4. A dedicated Accessories pageset was deployed for P2 websites.
  5. A dedicated Performance Parts was deployed for P2 websites.
  6. Search functionality was deployed for P2 websites.
  7. A new and revised Checkout system was released, which ultimately made customers who put items into their cart 5% more likely to complete an order.


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