Friday, May 10, 2013

Tips for this Month

Have you ever wondered why some websites show up ahead of others in Google’s search results?
Have you ever wondered what it is that SEO really means?

Is it really important how long you’ve owned your domain name? Very likely.
Does it matter whether or not your Ford Parts website has “fordparts” as a part of the domain name? All signs point to Yes.
Does it matter if your website is “” or “”? Experiments suggest that the first word in a domain name is given more weight than subsequent words.
Does your page loading time affect ranking? Absolutely.
Does Google use anonymous browsing data from Chrome to help rank websites? Most likely.

Google uses countless factors in determining who shows up where, but many SEOs believe there are 200 ranking factors that “really matter” – things that any website can do to move up in rankings. Many of these things are simple and straightforward, while some require specialized expertise.

For a solid summary of some of these key factors, and some insight into what our SEO team deals with on a daily basis, take a few minutes and skim through this article:

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