Monday, August 19, 2013

[Ride Report] BMW Motorrad USA Aftersales & OTF Conference: Soon!

The welcoming sight from last night.  We made it!

We made it!  It felt amazing to make it to Cleveland.  Cole and Oki welcomed us as we rolled in.  

The hotel is already buzzing with activity this morning.  And I think we are in good company.  

Just a photo update as we are running around getting ready this morning.  Cole is presenting a few times today in the workshops and we're getting the booth set up.

Nice Shirt!
 Last night we got to relax a bit at a Cleveland attraction: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Oki enjoying a break inside.

This morning, people filing into the hotel lobby.  We're all very excited to be here.  
Show attendees starting to find a table this morning.  

BMW Motorrad Parking.  Good to be among friends.

BMW Parking Only.  A few enthusiasts here!

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