Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cutting Edge Alternative Motorcycles to Buy this Year

While the market for motorcycles is holding steady this year. A few motorcycle manufacturers have dared to dream big. Here are a few extreme alternative motorcycles as reported by

1. The Ryno

From Popular Mechanics:

This electric unicycle incorporates motorcycle-like steering geometry that uses accelerometers and gyros to accelerate, brake, and help you stay balanced. Anticipated to reach market in 2013 at $4500, the Ryno offers a 20-mph top speed and an estimated cruising range of 20 miles from its lithium iron phosphate battery. Christopher Hoffman, who heads the Portland, Oreg.–based outfit, says that unlike the Segway, his creation is "very gentle and responsive, and feels like a part of your body. It's weird."

See the Ryno is action here:

2. The Uno Cycle

From Popular Mechanics:

Ben Gulak was only 16 when, after visiting smog-choked China, he dreamed up this eco-conscious transportation solution. But the two-wheeled concept never made it to market. The inventive Canadian has since enrolled at MIT and developed decidedly more aggressive recreational products, such as the DTV (Dual Track Vehicle) Shredder, which looks like the love child of a Segway and a tank. Inspired by the success of Bombardier (the company behind the BRP Can-Am Spyder), Gulak says his Boston-based BPG Werks has presold 5000 Shredders. Still, we wouldn't be surprised if his Uno concept somehow reappears down the line. We never forget our first love, do we?

3. The Boxx

From Popular Mechanics:

It may have all the visual charm of a pizza box, but this battery-powered square scooter actually incorporates some clever design features, including an all-aluminum, weld-free chassis, and a 10-pound motor embedded in a wheel that doubles as a heat sink. This hip-to-be-square scooter is so unconventionally enticing that we also featured it in our recent scooter roundup. And while it costs an extra $599 on top of the $3995 asking price to get a battery that doubles the maximum range to 80 miles, we still can't wait until this Dubai-funded, Portland, Ore.–built ride hits streets and sidewalks in the latter part of this year.

Check out this video of the Boxx in action:

4. Campagna T-Rex 14RR

From Popular Mechanics:

A 197-hp Kawasaki four-cylinder propels the flagship model to 60 mph in a voracious 3.9 seconds, and its open-air cockpit makes it one loud, screaming beast. But like its carnivorous dinosaur namesake, this three-wheeler is a tad one-dimensional—excellent at devouring pavement but not for much else. For a mellower, everyday ride, look no further than its Harley-Davidson V-twin- powered stablemate, the V13R Roadster.

See a walk around of the T-Rex here:

To see the other alternative bikes worthy of mention, read the full article on Popular Mechanics here:

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