Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New survey claims 25% of US car owners name cars

"King Voltron" Reed's Fiat Abarth
Does your car have a name? You're not alone - a recent survey from Nationwide Insurance found nearly a quarter of car owners have a special nickname for their four-wheeled “baby.” 

The survey, released last month, found that 25 percent of American car owners name their cars.

Of the more than 1,000 American car owners who were surveyed, 18-34 year old respondents were found to be much more likely to name their vehicles (36 percent). Additionally, women are more apt to give their cars a name (27 percent vs. 17 percent for men) and 26 percent of those surveyed think of their car as a girl. 

At SimplePart we did our own survey to find out what names our staff here has for their cars. The results for employees who had names were interesting:

Stephanie - Ebeneezer/ Ebbie 

Lance - Ansley 

Dion - Harrison Ford F-150

James - Betty

Dave - Peter Honda

Daniel - Adam Corolla

Louisa - Lucy Lawless the Moped 

Kaye - Lucy 

Dan - Baby Lex
Reed - King Voltron
See the original Nationwide study here:

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