Tuesday, October 8, 2013

SimplePart Undergoes Redesign to Accommodate Growing Office

The new SimplePart Office Layout
Last week SimplePart rearranged our Decatur office to make room for new incoming employees.

It was great because yesterday two more started and we finally got to give the new layout a test run. Over the past month we have had six more join our growing team here and it's a lot for the current space to handle.

Recent SimplePart hire Dena Mellick hangs out at her new desk with Marty
SimplePart designer Ryan O'Neill headed up the redesign of the office which included shifting all the desks on the left side of the office around and inserting a long table in the middle of the space. When it was over we had opened up five more work spaces and  made it easier to work with all the new manpower around here.

The two new employees who started yesterday, Louisa Hill and Robert Dorsey, settled in at their new desks along with David Scavone who started last week and SimplePart is ready to get rumbling on some serious work.
David Scavone(front), Robert Dorsey(middle) and Lance Huynh(back)  
Look for an upcoming post with more information on David, Robert and Louisa as well as other recent hires Kaye Lott and Dena.

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