Monday, January 27, 2014

SimplePart Attends 2014 NADA Conference

The NADA conference is at the forefront of the Automotive industry. 

Since we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of e-commerce, autos and everything in between, SimplePart sent a delegation down to New Orleans for this years conference. SimplePart CEO Cole Getzler was joined by VP Michael Oki and Director of Sales Bob Mayberry in what was a tremendous opportunity to expand awareness of SimplePart and our product. 

The 2014 NADA conference took place over the weekend of January 24th-27th and attracted automotive industry leaders, dealers and professionals from around the country. This annual event was hosted at the New Orleans' Ernest N. Memorial Convention Center. For an event so focused on automobiles, the 2014 NADA was ironically hit by issues with reliable transportation. 

"Everybody had travel stories," said Getzler. "You had people who had to fly into Nashville from someplace and then hop from Nashville to New Orleans. Then halfway to New Orleans they had to turn the plane around and ended up driving down." 

On Friday night and Saturday morning, bad weather contributed to low attendance at the NADA. By Saturday afternoon, it warmed up and the conference really kicked into gear. 

The show itself had an enormous scope, with many booths boasting expensive set-ups and 2-story layouts that included meeting rooms to discuss business. SimplePart itself did not have a booth but took the conference as an opportunity to meet with several potential clients and partners. 

"NADA was a great opportunity for us to meet with current and potential partners and discuss opportunities for expanding the reach of our work in the online parts space." Said Getzler,  

Overall, SimplePart's first NADA was an informative experience that has already led to new opportunities and partnerships for SimplePart and our clients. 

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