Friday, October 17, 2014

The SimplePart Iron Butt Journey Begins


Dion and Tom left at 2 pm this afternoon and will be completing the first half of their Iron Butt around 12 am. First thing tomorrow morning, the guys will wake up and finish the remaining miles leftover after today's ride. Cole and John will follow behind in the Touareg and catch up with Dion and Tom later in the day tomorrow.

Before Tom and Dion rolled out of here, we asked each of the guys a few questions.

1) What does the Iron Butt mean to you?
John- "Commitment, endurance, and a helluva badge on my sleeve"
Tom - "A big achievement on my bucket list"
Dion - "A challenge. The longest amount of miles I've ever traveled in 24 hours on a motorcycle"
Cole - "We identify with the Iron Butt because the cars and bikes are there to be used. Old or new, they are there for a purpose, and using them for that purpose is where all the fun is. The Iron Butt encourages people to get their bikes out and ride."

2) What's your favorite road trip movie?
John - Smokey and the Bandit or The Cannonball Run
Tom- Long Way Around (TV Show)
Dion - Eurotrip
Cole - Vanishing Point or Fandango

3) Are you a light or heavy packer? How many items are you taking?
John - "Light. A dozen."
Tom - "Heavy. Over 100 and they're all on the motorcycle."
Dion - "Light. Two pairs of shoes, some slacks, some button downs, and lots of socks and underwear. All on the bike."
Cole - "Light. Only bringing the things that can't be bought when we get there."

(above pics taken by photographer Matt Jones)



(above pics taken by SimplePart Employees)

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