Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Features released by SimplePart

1.      The Assembly pages are now capable of showing multiple images, where before they showed only
2.      The Assembly pages now show a “Select Vehicle” container at the top of the listed results. This was
done to ease navigation for customers selecting Maintenance items, where they may not have
 first elected a make/model of vehicle.
3.      The Assembly pages now show Product images. Where products have individual images (generally,
                this applied to Accessories) they are now shown in Assembly results.
4.      The meta description tag on Product pages now includes Price and scrubbed Part Number. This
is generally used by Google in search results as the description of the page.
5.      P2 customers now have Sister Websites listings in their page footers for clients with multiple stores.
6.      Reseller Ratings “Elite Member” seal added to the Cart page
7.      Added a “Yes we ship to [Country]” message to the Cart page, shown when a customer’s computer
is located outside of the USA and an international shipping rate exists for their country
8.      Enhanced the custom landing pages so that they now show featured accessories
9.      Enhanced the custom landing pages so that an unlimited number of links are shown
10.   Added the ability for a partner querystring parameter to be passed to the SEO/RefineCar landing
page path.
11.   Added Custom Landing Pages to P2 websites.
12.   Added a message to the Order screen in the Control Panel which displays a warning when
the customer’s IP geo-location does not match the shipping/billing address of the order
13.   Deployed a new Reporting SQL Server this month. This server gives us terabytes of additional space,
as well as plenty of processing horsepower so that we can continue to grow our reporting
capabilities, keep more traffic data online and accessible, and continue to deliver real-time
control panel reports to you in a speedy fashion.

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