Monday, June 3, 2013

New Features Just Released - May 2013

1. PayPal Notes. We are now storing a comprehensive PayPal receipt (which includes their service fees) for every PayPal order. These are available from your Order Notes screen.

2. Order notes can now all be individually printed.

3. Android app. We now have an Android app which gives you the ability to quickly and easily photograph your parts, and add those photos to your web catalog.

4. Returns. We now have a simple front-end feature which allows your customers to electronically initiate a return, and gives you the ability to track that return through your Control Panel.

5. We now log the Cancellation Reason, along with the cancelling user, in the Order Notes when an order is cancelled.

6. We have added a “Jump To Order” button on the Recent Orders page of your Control Panel to allow you to easily move to a specific order.

7. We have added a “Jump To Part” button on the Product Details page of your Control Panel to allow you to easily move between non-sequenced products.

8. We have added a link to Customer Chat History on the Customer Details page.

9. We have added a Wholesale module, which your wholesale customers can use to see customized pricing and shipping throughout their browsing experience – and which allows them to pay by PO.

10. Modified the Checkout process to better support Google Chrome’s “autofill” feature.

11. Added the ability to integrate with USPS’ software for Address Book and Tracking Number synchronization – this in addition to our existing UPS integration.

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