Thursday, July 25, 2013

SIMPLE Pleasures: The Things We Crave

Atelier's Ruby Motorcycle Helmets

We're in love with these amazing helmets made by boutique accessory manufacturer, Atelier's Ruby. Ruby makes some unbelievably stunning gear including the exceptionally special Belvedere style helmet with face guard (above center and right). All helmets can be made to USA DOT or to European ECE standards. And Ruby's site is fantastic as it allows for full customization of most of their product line. Each style is pricey but unique for their individual creator. The helmets pictured are ones that we designed.

Not only does Ruby allow for you to create your own designs, but also creates stylish (and somewhat silly) one-off collections for high fashion shops in London and Paris. Not to mention the Spongebob Squarepants edition that was created to celebrate 10 seasons of the quirky cartoon show. Check it out for yourself at Atelier's Ruby. And let us know if you end up buying one!

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