Thursday, August 29, 2013

SIMPLE Pleasures - The Things We Crave

BlackBerry Blade

Courtesy of a Toronto-based Design studio named Pixelcarve, a mockup of the ”BlackBerry Blade" was created. The concept smartphone was to utilize RIM’s BlackBerry branding. It was designed as a potential BlackBerry 10 smartphone with the concept hypothetically built out of aluminum and acrylic complete with Gorilla Glass on the front of the display. The Blackberry Blade concept is slightly curved and the main touchscreen slides upward to reveal the familiar BlackBerry keyboard. There are also fixed buttons beneath the touchscreen in addition to a trackpad.

In short, we want it.  Sad part is, it will likely stay a concept.  Hopefully phone manufacterers out there are taking notes.  This thing is hot!  Check out the image for the full, tasty (but hypothetical) details. 

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