Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monthly Update - August 2013

During August we peaked at 7,600,000 (+5.5%) daily page requests and saw a total of 1,967,000 (+5.8%) unique human visitors. These visitors placed 10,521 orders (+6.6%) for a total of $1,372,000 (+12.0%) in sales. Across the board, we saw more orders for more dollars. We have seen positive monthly visitor growth system-wide now for six months running – please be prepared, however, for the traditional 25% winter sales slump which will begin as the weather starts to cool.

August was a very busy month for SimplePart, and we are excited to announce that we are now officially endorsed by BMW Motorrad. BMW introduced us to their dealer network at their annual After Sales Conference in Cleveland, and invited us to stand up a booth. Please do check out our complete blog for more information on the conference, and for stories about our motorcycle and car adventures getting from Atlanta to Cleveland and back. Our design team rode their motorcycles 1,500+ miles round trip to be there!

SimplePart is also very happy to announce the release of several significant infrastructure changes. You may have noticed recently that your Control Panel and websites are running even faster than usual. This is the result of long-planned architecture changes, which we've rolled out over the last few weeks. We are now running on a federated system of synchronized SQL database servers, designed and built in-house. This system improves our ability to handle new clients, spikes in load, long term growth and unexpected hardware failures – basically it makes everything faster, more fault tolerant and easier to scale. From a technical perspective, this is a really neat setup – please do reach out if you’d like to know more.  We're excited!

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