Thursday, September 12, 2013

High performance electric motorcycles on the way

An influx of high performance electric motorbikes could signal a shift in the way future cycles are built, marketed and sold.

Mission motorcycles is reportedly coming out with a high performance variant of the electric cycle that won the 2011 TTXGP electric Grand Prix at Laguna Seca with a ridiculous 39.98 second margin of victory.
Dubbed the Mission RS (RS for “Race Special”) this bike will come equipped with a 160 horsepower electric motor outputting 120 pound-feet of torque from zero RPM to redline. Combine this with a single-speed transmission that gets riders from 0-60 in under three seconds and tops out at 150 mph and you've got a super-bike blueprint that could change everything.

However, Mission motorcycles are only producing 40 of these “Race special” bikes as of now.
“We want this to be the best of the best,” Mission motorcycles president, Mark Seeger told, “Something really exclusive.”

At SimplePart we are constantly scanning the industry for new advancements and adjusting accordingly.
More economical electric bikes like these could mean more of a market for electric vehicles in the future as well as a shift to a different motorcycle parts and components. 

The most interesting part of this bike to us though has to be the lithium-ion battery. With 17 kWh of power and a pair of on board chargers that allow nine kW worth or energy transfer this cycle has some serious juice. With a max range of 200 miles, riders won’t have many issues with running out of charges but that’s not what this bike is about. This motorcycle was built to showcase the speed and performance that electric motors can provide and lay down a blueprint for future models.

For more information on Mission Motorcycles' new bike you can read the full article below.

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