Thursday, September 26, 2013

SIMPLE Pleasures - The Things We Crave

Say hello to this Porsche 911 seat replica desk chair
A new line of Porsche merchandise hitting the market this fall is sure to keep enthusiasts excited for months to come.

Called the Luxury Home and Office Collection, this merchandise includes a wall shelf crafted from the rear spoiler of a 911 GT3 Cup Race car and an office chair made from a 911 Carrera sport seat.

We here at SimplePart are all for the idea of living and working in style. If you could see our office you would see what we mean. It's pretty great here in Decatur. We even have an official office pool table. One thing we don't have though is authentic Porsche 911 Carrera bucket seat office chairs.

These chairs look sleek and are built to the same specifications (with the same black leather) as the actual sport seat found in various 911 models. If you can't afford an actual 911 this is basically the next best thing.

We didn't think the desk chair could be topped until we saw the wall shelf made from a GT3 rear spoiler. The shelf oozes cool and is a must for any Porsche enthusiast.

It's safe to say that these items have been added to our wish list!

Click here to read the official press release from Porsche cars North America.

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