Friday, September 27, 2013

The Friday potluck, a new SimplePart tradition?

SimplePart's James Handley poses with his magnificent batch of Ribs

Friday afternoon at the SimplePart offices in Decatur we started what might become a new monthly tradition.

Thought up by the SimplePart team last week, the potluck was a chance for everyone at the office to show off their cooking chops. Or as in the case of myself, be the one who brought the drinks!

Lance Huynh took home the prize for top item with his PB&J inspired appetizers including a rather tasty bread crust and peanut butter dip dish that had everyone in the office singing his praises! Honorable mention goes to James Handley for bringing in a massive slab of homemade pork ribs. Hungry yet?

When it was all said and done, we had each demolished a fair amount of mac and cheese, fried rice, Zaxby’s chicken tenders and more…

Ryan O'Neill enjoys the company Potluck
Next we rearranged the office to accommodate the new employees starting here next week. This may sound like a quick task but as I write this blog post SimplePart graphic designer Ryan O’Neill and developer Curtis Buice are still hard at work running a multitude of cables and moving furniture around the office.

When finished, we’ll have a new, more efficient office layout so that we can better serve our clients. The key word here is synergy. Look for pictures of our new office layout to be posted on our blog soon.

The SimplePart office during the shakeup
Have a great weekend, from the SimplePart staff!

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