Wednesday, October 2, 2013

SimplePart September Update Part 1

Part 1 of the September update for SimplePart written by SimplePart CEO Cole Getzler.

During September we peaked at 8,600,000 (+13.2%) daily page requests and saw a total of 1,865,000 (-5.2%) unique human visitors. These visitors placed 9,958 orders (-5.3%) for a total of $1,281,000 (-6.6%) in sales. SimplePart’s performance during the month of September was affected by a Google policy change for AdWords, which affected both display advertising and product listing ads with Google Shopping for some customers. The net impact of this was a 10% drop in traffic and orders for a seven day period. The root cause for this was resolved, and paid traffic is back up to previous levels as of last week. 

Our jump in daily page requests is attributable to the increased capacity we brought online in August – most of that increase was from automated spider tools from Google, Bing and others. This increased coverage and improved page delivery time will ultimately result in better rankings for our clients websites.

The Google AdWords outage highlights the importance of a diversified advertising spend. Each visitor we can bring to our clients websites is critical – we all count on dependable sources of traffic. During the outage, we were able to move advertising spend from Google into Bing and offset some of the missed orders. Of the seven days we “lost” from Google, we picked up three days from Bing, by capturing visitors that we would not otherwise have had the budget to capture. There are quality orders on the Bing network – and more coming, when Bing releases their new Bing Shopping later this year. We will be encouraging our clients to allow us to broaden their advertising reach by allowing us to advertise for them across a more diverse set of platforms 

As always, we will continue to provide comprehensive and transparent reporting on each of the platforms we use for advertising through our Control Panel and our clients can expect net-positive results from every dollar we spend.

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