Monday, October 21, 2013

SimplePart's clients hit a combined $10 million for the year

On Friday, SimplePart reached a huge milestone. Our clients hit a combined $10 million in sales for the year. This calls for a massive congratulations to all of our clients across the board.

The amount has already far surpassed last year's client sales figures of $5.78 million and solidifies SimplePart's clients as a growing force in the sale of online auto parts.

"It's a milestone," says SimplePart CEO Cole Getzler. "Congratulations to all of our clients, they're the ones doing the hard work servicing customers and filling orders. They are really taking advantage of the opportunity that we have provided."

The mark hit collectively by our clients last week is a noted achievement for OEM parts dealers versus aftermarket parts dealers and shows a distinct market for OEM parts. It really shows how competitive dealers can be versus aftermarket parts dealers when they want to.

"For a typical dealer to find an extra million dollars a year in business, it takes a team of people many years of hard work," says Getzler. "We give it to them with just the turn of a key."

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